Do You Know How Centrifugal Pump Works?

The working principle of any centrifugal pump is quite simple. In order to move liquids, the kinetic energy created by the motor is used. In the axis of movement, an engine is also attached which help in the rotation of pump impeller. The rotational movement of the pump helps in moving the water from the entry point to its casing and finally exits.

As we know that most of the sanitary pumps are meant for moving liquids like water etc. and so also the centrifugal pumps can also be used for moving chemicals, petroleum and sewage in liquid form. If you reverse this process then it will be called water turbine. Here the impeller will be placed in the moving water and can be used as a water turbine which will convert water’s movement into rotational energy. That means now, motor meant for moving the pump to transfer water, the water movement will cause movement of pump which eventually move the motor.

Due to direct motor energy of rotational movement, working of any centrifugal pump is pretty simple. As with every other pump, centrifugal pumps too have their own advantages and disadvantages.


  • The operation of centrifugal pump is quite simple and straightforward.
  • It does not need any additional valves or other mechanical moving parts for creating the energy.
  • It can help in moving many different kinds of materials.
  • Movements can be achieved at higher speeds without needing too much maintenance.
  • You can get very steady and consistent output.
  • As compared to other types of pumps, centrifugal pumps are quite smaller to create same level of output.


  • Uses rotational energy instead of suction to move the water and as a result there is no suction power available. Therefore, you need to put the pump inside the water in order to make it move.
  • Speed of the water may cause the pump to vaporize and thus it can create bubbles. The combination of vapor bubble’s speed and also imposition of vapor bubble can corrode the surface of impeller and the casting of the pump.

However, for a number of household and industrial applications centrifugal pump can be very effective and useful. Unless the liquid is too viscous like muddy water or other wastes, such pumps can be easily immersed inside the water. Its operations are reliable, effective and consistent. Centrifugal pump can be easily moved and does not occupy too much space and also considered to be quite flexible.

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