Do You Know How Long Bed Bugs Can Survive Without Feeding?

How long bed bugs can live without blood? The answer depends on their age and also how resistant the bed bug is to any kind of pesticides and the range of temperature that it is allowed to live. The right question to ask should be how long can bed bugs survive without getting any kind of food before becoming adults?

Any newly hatched la punaise du lit (that is French word for the word bed bug) is known as nymph. Nymphs has to go through 5 stages before they become fully mature adults. When any bug moults, it may shed its skin.

Any immature bed bugs usually moult 5 times before reaching their maturity level and they must feed between every moult. Due to this reason, nymphs have to be fed more often. In spite of their young age, any freshly hatched bed bugs may still survive for few weeks easily without any feeding.

However, if nymph can easily survive for weeks without any feeding then how long can bed bugs live after maturity without blood? This will depend on number of factors. When they live in warm conditions, bed bugs will normally try to feed themselves at regular intervals. An adult bed bugs can easily survive for almost 5 months without any blood meal.

The bed bug feeds itself within minutes after settling on the host. The length of feeding however depends on their stage of development, like how much the bed bug ate last time, also how long it has been since it fed last. It will usually leave the host, when the bed bug has full feed and return back to any crack or crevice, usually where all other bed bugs may flock together.

Most of the bed bugs normally feed after every 3 to 7 days, that means most of their population is in digesting state, and hence not feeding most of the time. Since, infestation of bed bugs will easily spread that too so rapidly it can often look like you wake up with some new bites every morning. Therefore, it may lead to very high level of stress and you may have lack of sleep.

Do not allow bed bugs to increase their population. Any pest control specialist may easily help you to kick out these bed bugs from your house and help you to keep them out.

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