Guidelines to Find a Reliable Coin Dealer

To find and deal with a coin dealer isn’t a hard task as there are numerous dealers available locally and on online coin dealing sites. However, to find the honest dealer among them is not an easy task.

Few ways to find out whether the coin dealer is honest:

  • Show them few coins that you want to sell from your collected coins. An unreliable coin dealer will cheat you saying its fake or damaged coin, thus quotes a very low price. A credential dealer won’t try to cheat, may negotiate the buying rate however won’t find flaws in the rare coins.
  • Try to search references. You may know many coin collectors. Ask them to refer honest coin dealers in your locality. Their knowledge and experience will surely help you in dealing with trustable coin dealer.
  • You can search them up in local coin exhibitions or in coin clubs. Mostly genuine coin dealers will visit coin exhibitions where they would register their contact details. They would be a member of coin clubs as they are fond of collecting coins and sell them for right price. Fake coin dealers won’t prefer to associate with well acclaimed coin clubs or be friendly with its members. As there is always a chance of disclosing their fakeness and culprit intentions to sell fake and non-valuable coins at high price.

  • Browse marketing sites of coin dealers. There you will know about their credentials by reading the reviews and testimonials of their customers. Their market rating will surely help you decide whether to contact the dealers or not. The online shop should have personal contact details and customer service helpline.
  • When you meet a coin dealer ask them few questions. The queries can be like the years spent as a coin dealer, the area of coin dealing they specialize in and do they deal alone or have a partner. You can enquire whether they are members of well-known coin dealing association like the PNG or the ANA. In case, the dealer has sold you fake coins, then you have a platform to complain.

  • When you read their ads or glace at their visiting card look what they specialize in. Well experienced coin dealer will surely mention the coins they deal well with.

To know more about coin shop near me, try to visit each of them before deciding with the best honest dealers to sell or buy rare coins.

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