Taking the Right Precautionary Measures While Unloading Forest Products from Trucks

The timber industry is one of the most profitable businesses in many countries. In order to haul wood from forest, huge trucks are required to deliver them to mills. If the right precautionary measures are not taken, it can cause a lot of damage to people as well as property.

Negligence can be a Cause of Accidents

Quebec has a good niche for the timber industry. In French, wood or timber carrying trailer is known as remorque à bois and people driving such vehicles should be given safety equipment in order to prevent accidents. Most of the accidents generally happen at night. Lack of sleep or negligence of the driver can lead to trucks derailing on the road.

Another common cause of accidents occurs while loading and unloading the forest products. Handling equipment without proper safety gear can also lead to accidents on the work site. Companies need to educate their workers onto the safety measures and ensure that they adhere to these rules while handling forest products.

Stages of Timber Harvesting Operations and Preventive Measure to Avoid Accidents

The timber harvesting operations is done in the following stages:

  • Planning
  • Loading
  • Trimming
  • Binding
  • Unloading

Accidents can be avoided in the planning stage by ensuring that all red flags are in place. If a truck with forest products is going to pass by the road, signs must be put in place to warn people. Roads should be kept clean in order to avoid skidding of the vehicle. Decks must be spacious to accommodate large trucks. Ensure that all road permits are in place in order to avoid delays.

In the loading stage, the loading area should be cleared before the operation begins. Drivers need to be at a safe distance in order to avoid accidents. All workers need to be given safety gear which needs to be worn at all times.

Trimming of the wood is generally done with the help of equipment. People working with equipments need to wear safety goggles, hardhats, boots and coveralls before handling equipments.

In the binding stage, the binders need to be checked for wears and tears. Ensure that you make use of nylon straps as these are easy lightweight. Ensure there is no person near the binding area.

Drivers need to be careful while dismounting the forest products from the truck. Ensure that they check the condition of the vehicle before driving. If it is an overnight journey, ensure that the driver gets plenty of rest.


Prevention is better than cure. Workers and employees are important asset for the company and any injury to them can incur huge loss for the companies.

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