Three Important Things to Consider when Choosing a Corrugated Box Supplier

If you are looking for a supplier of corrugated boxes, you must consider some things. Aside from the price, there are many variables which go into picking a supplier. You don’t want to pay for cheap boxes with compromised quality or do not arrive at your doorstep on time.  Although you should consider price, below are some of the other things you must take into account before saying yes to a supplier:

Capabilities of their Plant

Take time to know what every box supplier can do at their plant. A number of companies only run brown boxes while others run a variety of colors and labels. Check if the company can supply you with the master causes or just the product packaging? In case you want high-end graphics to be printed, request to see samples of how well they can print. Also, consider the size of the box. Whether you need small or big boxes ensure you choose a supplier that can produce them.

Ability to Deliver on Time

The world today tends to move fast and you may have unexpected situations which require you to speed up your project. Or perhaps you have a product ordering system that ensures your project is completed just in time; however, you need to get your orders done quickly. Ensure your needs do not exceed your chosen supplier’s timeline and you agree on the turnaround time. To make sure that your orders are done just on time, learn about their response time, whether or not they have a system set up for quick order responses. You want to steer clear of companies that let you wait for days or even weeks until they tell you that your orders have been processed.


Depending on your kind of products that must be contained in a quality packaging, you have to choose a supplier that has necessary industry certifications. For instance, if you sell a food product, make sure you choose a supplier that is certified by AIB. Some companies that supply corrugated boxes may not have such a certification.  Also, if you practice sustainability in your business, ensure your products are packed with something that comes from a certified plant. Although a corrugated packaging is a sustainable industry in general, a number of companies are greener as well as leaner and cleaner in making their products. Also, their sustainability is depicted in how their products are stacked in their warehouse for boxes. They can prove this with their certifications they possess.

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