What is Plant Hire?

What is plant hire?

In simple terms, plant hire is the rental of large equipment, tools and machinery. In the majority of cases plant hire is used within the construction sector, as well as other industries such as renewable energy and engineering. It is also used in many different industries as a way of procuring machinery of all shapes and sizes to help with certain tasks, for instance moving large quantities of debris. Plant hire services are best utilised for short-term projects and tasks, as a way of saving on-going costs and having expert assistance when it comes to maintenance and repair issues, as well as assistance prior to undertaking a project.

Within many industries, and for many different types of companies, there is a need to build strong, long-term relationships with plant hire companies as a way to provide cost-effective, safe and secure, well-maintained plant and machinery for use within a variety of projects and tasks. This is especially the case where logistics and safety hazards lead to a potentially unsafe and treacherous working condition for on-site employees. The higher the level of plant hire, equipment, machinery, training, maintenance and repair, the better the chances of a smooth and risk-free project to be completed.

What are the reasons that companies look for plant hire as a viable option for a multitude of projects and tasks?

In the vast majority of cases across all types of industry, projects are time and cost sensitive. Particularly in construction and engineering, where there is a need for heavy machinery on a regular basis, being able to rely on a plant hire service to deliver equipment and machinery on time, could be the difference between a project stumbling and missing deadline, or being on time without compromising on quality. Time could be limited and it is important for projects that all relevant equipment is ready to use as and when it is needed, without losing time and money by having to wait a few days for delivery.

Another aspect is that in some cases, work sites are located in either difficult to reach, remote locations, or within tight, mid-city locations that are difficult to navigate. Plant hire allows for the transportation and delivery of machinery for specific purposes in places where it would be difficult to house and maintain equipment and machinery that was owned and had to stay on site. Plant hire offers flexibility in terms of time on the job for a single piece of machinery and equipment, but also in terms of delivery to difficult scenarios.

With plant hire you are also hiring the expertise of the specific company you are leasing the equipment from. They will offer you advice and tips on specific plant that could be useful to your project, as well as updating their fleet with modern models and the latest technological advancements. Add to that, the plant hire company and not you deal with all the maintenance and repair issues, and you can see why plant hire is such a vital aspect within many different industries.

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